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Friday, October 21, 2011

Smith Creek Trip

Guided some guys on Smith Creek October 1st. Two brothers, Scott and Craig and their dad Mike. Scott lives in Georgia, but dad and Craig are from Scottsboro and Auburn AL respectively. Pretty much newbies to fly fishing except for Craig. Spent first hour or so teaching basic fly fishing technique: rigging, casting, etc. Then hit the water for a few hours in pursuit of trout. Craig caught a nice 12" rainbow right off. But water was low following a very hot, no rain summer so fishing was very tough. Guys didn't have time to go to better water this trip. Got skunked for rest of the morning except for very small fish. Scott picked up the roll casting very quickly as well as manipulating a wooly bugger downstream. The guys had a great time fishing together on the creek and the weather was spectacular for a fall day. A great time for dad and son's to spend together on the water in the beautiful North Georgia mountains.

Smith Creek is a year round trout stream and from Nov 1. thru May 14 it is managed by the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division as a Delayed Harvest regulation stream: Catch and Release only, artificial fly/lure. The rest of the year Smith is a regular trout stream under Normal trout fishing rules. Smith is located in White County at the Unicoi State Park. A state park pass or a parking fee required. During DH period, you are required to sign in and get a daily fishing permit (free) from the Unicoi State Park lodge just up the road from the creek.

- The Georgia Mountain Angler. A couple of trout bums who know where the fish are!  

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